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Burnout at work huunuu wellbeing training

Exhausted, ready to quit? It could be burnout

Constant exposure to a stressful working environment could result in burnout. If you are feeling physically exhausted, emotionally done in and struggling with your mental health at work, it could be signs of burnout. Perhaps you feel that you’ve fallen out of love with your career and are questioning what to do with your time.

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Adding Value to your wellbeing training with huunuu

How can adding value be a part of workplace wellbeing?

Adding Value is a term many of us use in the workplace, it is often considered as going beyond what is expected of you in your job description and finding ways to improve or make a positive contribution. For example, you may impact efficiency or make improvements in quality, processes or maybe even find ways

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huunuu what does wellbeing mean to you legs up the wall

Legs up the wall and workplace wellbeing

When someone asks you how you look after your own wellbeing, what do you think of? For me, the phrase ‘legs up the wall’ did not come to mind but it certainly did for my colleagues! Legs up the wall refers to a restorative yoga pose where you relax all parts of your body while

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work life integration huunuu

Let’s revisit work life integration

What is work life integration? For many the phrase work-life balance is one you have heard many times. It is widely known as the time you spend at work vs the time you spend at home, with family, or pursuing personal interests. We all acknowledge that we have work lives and a personal life. Many

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huunuu bereavement at work

Bereavement at work

With less than 1 in 5 of managers feeling confident to support someone experiencing bereavement (Hospice UK) it leaves our colleagues, our teams and ourselves in a pretty uncomfortable situation. If you are employed in the UK you are entitled to bereavement leave when someone close to you dies, but this is very much up

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dying matters and huunuu

Dying Matters Prize Draw

As part of our commitment to the national campaign Dying Matters Awareness Week, we are offering a free ‘big conversations work mat ©’ session to one lucky organisation.  This year Dying Matters concentrates on the workplace and how we need to remove the stigma and support those dealing with ill health, loss and grief.  The huunuu work mat

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huunuu and ESG

Why should you become an ESG company?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a set of criteria to work out how a company affects the environment and general society. ESG also demonstrates how accountable and transparent a company is. But why should you become an ESG company? We’ll walk you through some reasons on why being ESG-aware could bring a treasure trove

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The big conversations card game huunuu

The huunnu Big Conversations Card Game

We understand that talking about death isn’t top of many people’s list of fun things to do! We’ve found that our big conversations card game seems to bridge the gap. Part of our expanded range of tools to enable big conversations around death, dying and the life and legacy that we’d like to leave behind

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