About us

We believe in inspiring choices to create the life story you want to leave behind.

We are a small start-up with a big family feel, we are big on our values and believe in a healthy organisation. Challenging ourselves every day to be the best we can be for one another, so we can succeed together. As a team we stretch the coast of the UK to the coast of Italy where you’ll find some of the team. We work wherever we need to be and in whichever time zone, we know that communication is incredibly important and we are passionate about collaboration. ​

What we are doing and why

huunuu aren’t afraid to tackle big life and death questions. We want to normalise open and honest conversations about how we live, how we care, life’s challenges and choices and ultimately how we die and the legacy we leave behind.

We believe this builds resilience, creates connections, curates our memories, and allows us to consider the life we want to lead.

Founder Clare Turner believed that there was a better way. In December 2015 the first tentative steps were taken to start the huunuu story. Along the way, there have been many people who have challenged, supported and believed in us to get to this point.

That support and belief keep us motivated. When it comes to dying, live a little, start talking and sharing with the people most important to you. 

Our values underpin everything we do

Naked – open and honest
Restless – variety and challenge
Ready to catch – trust and respect
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