How we will help your wellbeing outcomes

The tools for a big conversation about wellbeing

Our work mats, conversation cards and online sessions enable small or large groups to delve into key topics which address and help prepare for some of the biggest decisions and challenges in life.

Develop a structure and action plans for difficult conversations around wellbeing issues, be that loss, life changes, retirement, menopause, burnout. We support your teams to overcome anxiety around these subject matters.

Support to take your teams on a journey

Commitment and accountability for your teams or customers using our tried and tested methodology.

Lean on our expertise. We will lead you through building conversations about life’s challenges and changes into your overall wellbeing delivery. We’ll work with you to deliver the best outcome for your people.

Individual wellbeing life planning

You may want to reflect on your life and legacy by writing in our beautiful guided journal to support your journey or share with others.  Or use our online planning tool to make sure that those you love understand the life you want to lead.

Legacy Giving Mat

Ideal for any teams, but in particular charity volunteer groups. The Legacy Giving mat explains how everyone has a legacy to leave. Encouraging  the documenting of both financial and personal legacies.

Big Conversations Mat

Aimed at any group, this discussion mat is an effective and unique approach to opening up conversations about life and legacy. Driving employees to get some of their most important decisions and wishes in place.

Time To Talk Mat

Aimed at all teams to learn and practice their key skills; active listening, non-verbal signals and the art of response. Enabling and supporting meaningful and often difficult or delicate conversations in the workplace.

Big Conversation Cards

huunuu’s crucial conversation cards create an atmosphere of openness that enables employees to comfortably discover and discuss thoughts and feelings around death, dying, legacy and the life they want to lead.

Online version available on request.

Planning Package

Want to offer your teams the whole package? Our approach and products can be tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Your employees can receive whichever combination of our products and services, such as journals and workshops, is best suited.

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