Experiential wellbeing training for people that care about good mental health in the workplace.

Our proven methodology and expertise in supporting life's challenges results in personal resilience, positive action and increased employee engagement.

Are you ready for a big conversation about important life events?

The solution we bring

We offer a range of inspiring products and tools that can be standalone or built into a programme supporting the wellbeing and resilience of your employees. Our products are designed with the flexibility of train the trainer or a fully supported facilitation programme. Our products will support your induction, wellbeing, retirement programmes, or as a one-off impactful session.

Why our work is critical

Constant change is a part of our daily lives. We know that talking about our shared experiences creates a supportive open culture that builds resilience, retention, and results. Initiating thought- provoking conversations enables organisations to be healthy and employees to articulate their needs and wants when dealing with challenge.

Our values underpin our work
Naked - open and honest
Restless - variety and challenge
Ready to catch - trust and respect

How we make a difference

Rather than listen to us, listen to an organistion that we have worked with.

Me-juvenate Work Mat Session Case Study

At a glance

“The work mat format was great and a real talking point that got everyone chatting. Something different to a structured presentation. “

Amanda Johnson
VACT Limited and UKVA Conference and UKVA Awards, VA Conference, Bournemouth, August 2022

Setting the stage

This was the first UK Virtual Assistant Conference in its new rejuvenated format and was all about rejuvenation in business.

Objective of the session

The brief to the speakers was to run a session that was thought provoking, interactive and full of actionable learning. The majority of the attendees were individuals who either worked on their own or as part of a small team but worked remotely. This Conference not only allowed attendees to spend time focussing on their business, crafting their message and their proposition but at the same time allowed them to network and build relationships.

huunuu’s solution

Using huunuu’s methodology, they created an experiential work mat session for the needs of this particular group. Rejuvenate became Me-juvenate with the focus on making positive change for each individual. It was tailored to be interactive, fun and have real meaning and impact. The session closed with an action on accountability using a postcard format encouraging participants to enact change. To obtain a tangible outcome huunuu will be posting out the cards so commitments aren’t forgotten.



“Clare delivered a great interactive session…they now have the tools to either articulate what it is they are looking to achieve in life and business or how to have that difficult conversation with someone else about what they want.

Having met Clare previously at a different event, inviting Clare and huunuu to the UKVA Conference was a little different and outside of the norm for the VA Community.  Some could say it was a risk. However, Clare’s topic was one of those sessions that the true impact isn’t yet really known by all attendees, and I look forward to seeing the ripple effect continue as it is already beginning to do.”

Find out more about VACT
VACT website link: https://www.vact.co.uk/
VA Conference link: https://vaconference.co.uk/

 Photo credit: With thanks to @katien.co

Enabling resilience, through knowledge and planning

Supporting HR teams

Helping you lead the way. We will train your trainers or provide a fully supported programme on your behalf that brings to life your health and wellbeing strategy to create meaningful change.

For Training Organisations

If you deliver leading edge wellbeing training or products to your customers then talk to us about licensing and delivery options.

For Trainers

Supporting independent consultants. Make a difference by adding something unique and impactful to your offering.

By adding just one of our experiential products you can give your teams a leading edge and understanding that life is completely part of our everyday work and wellbeing.

Tried and trusted as experts in our endeavour

I’ve found huunuu’s Crucial Conversation cards are an excellent way of approaching big subjects in a low key manner. I’ve also used them myself in my role as a Funeral Celebrant and they’ve been a brilliant source of inspiration.
- Philip Davies, Independent Celebrant
It has proven to have been one of those sessions where the "A'ha" happens at the least expected time and I strongly believe our attendees are going to be reaching into the emotional toolkit time and time again.
Amanda Johnson, VA Conference
The way you managed to engage the room of 140 people, the actual quality of the product that was on the table was brilliant. It was really good; your delivery style and you were really engaging. I'm not just saying it!
- Tonya Antonis, Assistant Chief Constable, Durham Constabulary

Sadie and Emma Talk Dying Matters

Sadie and Emma use our card game to have a crucial conversation about the end of life.

Healthwatch Essex https://healthwatchessex.org.uk/

Don't Die WAW

Here at huunuu we feel passionately that everyone should have a Will. If you die Without a Will (WAW) then your estate may not go to the people or place that would you choose. That is why we are campaigning to increase the number of people with a Will and are proud to partner with Bequeathed and their Will for Good. 

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