Don’t Die Without A Will – 10 Reasons Why

don't die without a will huunuu 10 reasons why you should write a will

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Here at huunuu we feel passionately that everyone should have a Will. If you die Without a Will (WAW) then your estate may not go to the people or place that you would choose.  

That is why we are campaigning to increase the number of people with a Will and are proud to partner with Bequeathed and their Will for Good. 

Read our ten reasons why you need a Will right now

  1. Save time, money, and stress for your loved ones. They will know what to do if you tell them!
  2. Choose who will manage your estate. It would be better if they were people you trusted and had the capability and skills to carry your wishes out.
  3. Decide who gets your assets and property — and who does not. You may not get on with an immediate family member, or you know that someone needs extra support. A Will is the only way to secure this.
  4. Choose who will take care of your children. Make sure the little ones have security if you die whilst they are young.
  5. Ensure a home for your pets. Your relatives may not have the capacity to take on Rover or Felix, for example. Sort out a plan as to what happens to them when you die.
  6. Leave instructions for your digital assets. Don’t make your relatives and friends become hackers! It would be so much more simple if a trusted person could access your online life.
  7. Family disputes!! We all know that one relative who believes that they should have X, Y and Z. State clearly in your will who you choose to have what and when.
  8. Whilst a legacy isn’t always financial, you can choose to support your favourite causes and leave a donation. You could even ask family and friends to leave a gift to a charity instead of funeral flowers.
  9. Give funeral instructions. What does the day look like? Are you religious, do you have special poems/songs? What should people eat, and wear? Do you want an eco coffin…the list is endless. Write it down to stop your friends and family guessing, it will be easier for them if they feel the send-off is appropriate and reflects you.
  10. Achieve peace of mind that all of the above is taken care of and the right people will benefit from your Will.

Three things that could happen if you die WAW

  1. The following people have no right to inherit where someone dies without leaving a will:
    .unmarried partners (even if you have been together for twenty-plus years)
    .lesbian or gay partners not in a civil partnership
    .relations by marriage
    .close friends
  2. If there are no surviving relatives who can inherit under the rules of intestacy, the estate passes to the Crown. And doesn’t that seem a shame! Even if you don’t have any relatives, you may have friends, carers or a charity you care about.
  3. Children that are under 18 will not receive anything until they reach adulthood, it will be put in the hands of trustees. It would be better if you could name those people.

To get started, visit our page on Bequeathed.

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