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Working at a death positive company

Frankie’s experience working at a death positive company: supportive, educational and great for well-being. Photo: not Frankie. Frankie is shy. Matilda says hi.   The description ‘death-positive’ can sound daunting, or even buzzword-y, as if we’re looking for the next HR trend. In reality, being death-positive has incredibly important ramifications for organisational health.   Being

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why train the trainer


During a typical train the trainer (TTT) course you can learn how to deliver training to your teams. With a good train the trainer programme you can understand the information received and how to run a dynamic and engaging session for everyone. Using this approach, a progressive organisation can quickly build a team that is

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difficult conversations in the workplace huunuu

5 steps to tackle difficult conversations in the workplace

We’ve all been there, we’ve either been on the receiving end of difficult conversations or had to initiate one. Although it isn’t always a comfortable space to be in you can improve the outcome and have a successful discussion. Here are our five top tips to tackle challenging conversations and improve the experience for all

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digital memory board huunuu

Celebrate memories by creating a digital memory board

Join our interactive workshop to celebrate your loved ones and begin to create a legacy. Make and share digital memory boards about the important things in life.   Every day our digital footprint grows, and it’s useful to have the memories that matter in a single, easy to use, space. A virtual memory shoebox that’s tucked safely away, if you will. This is more

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Döstädning or death clearing by huunuu


Döstädning or death cleaning is the latest scandi trend to hit our shores. Hot on the heels of ‘hygge’ and ‘lagom’ this new social movement is all about death – a subject we know a lot about.   So, what does it mean? Essentially it encourages people to sort out their lives before they die,

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