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owl lark or tired pigeon. huunuu wellbeing in the workplace

Owl, lark or tired pigeon?

Are you an owl or a lark? Or simply just a tired pigeon! And how does this impact on your workplace wellbeing? I’m a night owl and if I’m honest have struggled for most of my working life with a bias towards early risers. Being in an office and present at 9am seems a bit

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Introverts and extroverts in the workplace. Wellbeing by huunuu

Introverts and Extroverts in the workplace

Introverts and extroverts in the general population are a pretty even split, roughly 50/50 according to a survey by Industrial Psychiatry. No great surprise there, in my personal and work life I can see that split and I expect you can in yours too. But when we move into the workplace, something happens. And this

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what makes you happy huunuu wellbeing

What makes you happy?

If I asked what makes you happy, would you know? Have you ever truly sat down and thought about it? If we are fortunate enough, when we are young it might be easier to tap into our own happiness. I was lucky enough to get opportunities to explore different avenues that could bring me happiness.

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grounded huunuu wellbeing


Feeling grounded? What does that actually mean and how can that help us in the workplace? In wellbeing terms, when we think of a grounded person, we tend to think of someone who has their priorities in order and has physical, mental and emotional good health. Good life choices are made in the pursuit of

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check in with yourself huunuu wellbeing

Check in with yourself

This is your reminder to check in with yourself and see how you are doing and what you might need to do to maintain your wellbeing. Checking in with yourself is to take a moment to acknowledge how you feel emotionally and physically. But what a bizarre idea, surely you would just know? It is

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Individual team place blog huunuu for wellbeing training

Individual, Team & Place

We all have our own individual identities that we bring to our workplaces. When we are at work, we aspire to have collective goals or a collective outcome to reach a certain point, and this is part of a bigger team dynamic. Our environment plays a part and determines our behaviour as we navigate the

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Fostering trust at work huunuu wellbeing

Fostering trust at work

Trust: the firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Google dictionary definition I sometimes think that trust is quite an odd concept when you really think about it. When do you trust someone? Why do you trust them? What does someone need to do to be trusted? It raises a

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huunuu magical moments, the power of now for wellbeing

Magical Moments

Where do I start? I thought I should begin in a very good place and let you know of some of my own magical moments; listening to loud classical music in a storm and watching the rain lash at the window, shooting stars, sunsets and the very, very occasional sunrise! Dolphins following your boat, seals,

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Progress not perfection huunuu wellbeing

Progress not Perfection

“Perfection is the enemy of progress,’”said Winston Churchill Post-pandemic, new ways of working and a cost-of-living crisis have impacted the way we work, interact, and ultimately has created significant change at home and at work. Are we trying too hard to make things perfect? With that in mind and with employee wellbeing at the forefront,

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The sense of wellbeing huunuu

The sense of wellbeing

Your senses, (touch, sound, sight, taste, smell) affect how you perceive any given environment and engaging them effectively can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Compare the two experiences; music you dislike annoyingly being played loudly by your neighbour, to how you feel listening to your favourite tunes as you drive along the road.

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The importance of taking time off

The importance of taking time off

For fear of this sounding like I’m writing a school essay about what I did on my holidays! It’s important to recognise the importance of taking time off work and making time to rest for our wellbeing. Here at huunuu we mostly work from home, so it can be difficult for us to always remember

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Evolving ways of working huunuu

Evolving ways of working

Recently we attended a seminar discussing our evolving ways of working and how many of us are now working in a hybrid or remote setting. But this of course poses benefits alongside some challenges. With a huge amount of HR professionals experiencing burnout. A whopping 98% according to a recent Gallop poll, the wellbeing of

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huunuu and the university of east anglia wellbeing worksop

University of East Anglia Case Study

The context Our experience with using huunuu to facilitate our Team away day, has been fantastic. We had been thinking about an away day for a while, but struggling with pulling a coherent day together. Our team already know each other fairly well, but with hybrid working and a few new team members, we really

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Systemic factors to wellbeing huunuu

Systemic Factors for wellbeing

Is it enough for a company to just offer mental health benefits such as Wellbeing Wednesdays or lunchtime yoga? Whilst those activities absolutely have their place, a company needs to also address the systemic factors that contribute to wellbeing in the workplace. But what on earth are they? Systemic, describes something that affects an entire

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