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The sense of wellbeing huunuu

The sense of wellbeing

Your senses, (touch, sound, sight, taste, smell) affect how you perceive any given environment and engaging them effectively can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Compare the two experiences; music you dislike annoyingly being played loudly by your neighbour, to how you feel listening to your favourite tunes as you drive along the road.

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The importance of taking time off

The importance of taking time off

For fear of this sounding like I’m writing a school essay about what I did on my holidays! It’s important to recognise the importance of taking time off work and making time to rest for our wellbeing. Here at huunuu we mostly work from home, so it can be difficult for us to always remember

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Evolving ways of working huunuu

Evolving ways of working

Recently we attended a seminar discussing our evolving ways of working and how many of us are now working in a hybrid or remote setting. But this of course poses benefits alongside some challenges. With a huge amount of HR professionals experiencing burnout. A whopping 98% according to a recent Gallop poll, the wellbeing of

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huunuu and the university of east anglia wellbeing worksop

University of East Anglia Case Study

The context Our experience with using huunuu to facilitate our Team away day, has been fantastic. We had been thinking about an away day for a while, but struggling with pulling a coherent day together. Our team already know each other fairly well, but with hybrid working and a few new team members, we really

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Systemic factors to wellbeing huunuu

Systemic Factors for wellbeing

Is it enough for a company to just offer mental health benefits such as Wellbeing Wednesdays or lunchtime yoga? Whilst those activities absolutely have their place, a company needs to also address the systemic factors that contribute to wellbeing in the workplace. But what on earth are they? Systemic, describes something that affects an entire

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Language for wellbeing huunuu

The wellbeing of language

What means something to me may be entirely different for you. And it can be surprising how many times this can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding. On a good day and in a supported environment, we may learn from each other’s differences and open up our perspectives on any given subject. We may be surprised

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Durham Constabulary Case Study huunuu

Durham Constabulary Case Study

Setting the stage at Durham Constabulary Durham Constabulary held an inaugural wellbeing conference, at which their Health & Wellbeing strategy would be launched. The aim was to get everyone together to think about their own health and wellbeing. A moment to stop, pause and reflect. An opportunity to engage the teams and rejuvenate. The Force

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outward focus for wellbeing huunuu challenging the process

Outward Focus for Workplace Wellbeing

Whilst reflection is a valuable skill which is incredibly beneficial in the workplace, an outward focus can also aid wellbeing and the two should not be seen as separate entities, but rather two halves towards wellness.  When our focus considers the needs of the outside environment, be that people or place, the needs and perspectives

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Proactive wellbeing to prevent burnout huunuu

Proactive wellbeing

If someone said to you; ‘How important is it for you to be comfortable, healthy, and happy?’ I’d like to think your response would be; ‘It’s very important.’   This is the very definition of wellbeing and if we understand that, then we can begin to make choices towards it. This is proactive wellbeing which

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