Outward Focus for Workplace Wellbeing

outward focus for wellbeing huunuu challenging the process

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Whilst reflection is a valuable skill which is incredibly beneficial in the workplace, an outward focus can also aid wellbeing and the two should not be seen as separate entities, but rather two halves towards wellness. 

When our focus considers the needs of the outside environment, be that people or place, the needs and perspectives of others are taken into account leading to an active responsiveness that elicits empathy and engagement. 

By being proactive (you can read more about proactive wellbeing here.) about the needs of others we can take actions that positively contribute to wellbeing. We can feel seen and heard and importantly, considered. 

An organisation can be seen as a compassionate employee, allowing teams to feel supported and engaged. Employees will feel that their contribution is valued, and difference is not only allowed but encouraged. 

Teams may experience better collaboration where all ideas are of value, which fosters inclusivity and the belief that everyone is working towards the same business goal. Compare that to a more authoritarian working model, where employees must simply carry out the orders from above, leading to miscommunication and mismanagement. 

By being outward looking and looking at others’ particular skill set, teams are built that leverage the abilities of each person, creating a strong dynamic in the group as a whole. Investing the time to support others’ personal growth will reap the benefits in terms of retention of staff and a team that feels they have a collective interest in making a business or idea succeed. Strong leadership can encourage this positive environment leading to job satisfaction all around. 

An outward focus helps with relationship building, which is often a key component in any successful business. If an organisation understands the business need of others a connection can be made that may help with sales, for example or customer loyalty. Reputationally this can really help a business grow, people do business with people and if there is positivity around you, your team, or your brand, this could lead to new opportunities. People want to work with purpose, with a socially conscious company.  

Read more about ESG and why it is important here.

If people are allowed the time and space to lift up their heads from their computers, and look outwards themselves, they may find new ideas or think of creative ways of doing something, encouraging problem solving. This could be as simple as a walk in the fresh air or taking a coffee break with colleagues.  

 Read more on the benefits of walking here. 

Initiatives which may seem small can be consequential in terms of staff morale. At huunuu we like to sing happy birthday to each other over teams! (Hilariously it’s never in synch) And we always try to recognise achievement both inside and outside the office. A good thank you can take seconds, but the lingering effect can make all the difference. 

Looking outward helps Leaders see what is happening in other areas and other workplaces, allowing innovation, adaptability, agility, and collaboration. New ways of doing things can be explored and that all comes from taking the perspective away from the self and seeing what others are doing and challenging the process. 

We have the tools to help your team’s wellbeing and support you in adopting an outward focus, drop us a line at: [email protected] 


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