Durham Constabulary Case Study

Durham Constabulary Case Study huunuu

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Setting the stage at Durham Constabulary

Durham Constabulary held an inaugural wellbeing conference, at which their Health & Wellbeing strategy would be launched. The aim was to get everyone together to think about their own health and wellbeing. A moment to stop, pause and reflect. An opportunity to engage the teams and rejuvenate. The Force did not want to focus on issues they had faced in the past but look to the future and explore moving forward. For a traditional organisation, which is used to being in control and not always comfortable discussing wellbeing, the challenge was to support openness in a safe and comfortable environment. The Force understands the importance of this for the welfare of their staff who work in sometimes incredibly challenging and volatile situations.

huunuu’s solution for Durham Constabulary

huunuu were delighted to run a session using their tried and tested methodology, supporting teams to open up and share what is important to them. With their tools huunuu created the space and the structure that allowed people to reflect and ask; ‘what does my future look like?’ The session gave an introduction to some of the tools that support wellbeing and perhaps methods that people may not have tried before.

There was a lot of positive, personal commitment, manifestations, and belief during the accountability part of the session, which Durham Constabulary found healthy and an unexpected surprise as traditionally some officers often struggle to express themselves, especially within a group setting.

How did it go?

Durham Constabulary has now launched their Health & Wellbeing strategy, linking with the Force values, considering how they could do things differently. Earlier strategies had become embedded within the teams and the opportunity to do things differently wasn’t always considered.

A new Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Welfare Manager is leading on the strategy to support and drive the organisation, to embed our vision of developing a positive and healthy culture to support Durham Constabulary’s commitment to delivering an excellent policing service, huunuu were instrumental in bringing that into focus and energy in a supportive and safe way.

There was fantastic engagement in the sessions, and huunuu were honoured to be a part of that positive change. People felt that they could participate freely which was a real gain for an organisation that find a very real stigma talking about mental health and personal values.

huunuu also linked the organisation to Bequeathed and their Wills For Good service which was a practical benefit to the session. This will enable colleagues to plan for their future and ensure they are able to support their family in the best way for them.

“The energy in the room was electric when everyone was given permission, the volume and participation really went up.It was really good to see and hear.”

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