How can adding value be a part of workplace wellbeing?

Adding Value to your wellbeing training with huunuu

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Adding Value is a term many of us use in the workplace, it is often considered as going beyond what is expected of you in your job description and finding ways to improve or make a positive contribution.

For example, you may impact efficiency or make improvements in quality, processes or maybe even find ways to create opportunities for your company.

But it doesn’t have to mean doing more, burning the midnight oil, or toiling for extra hours and working overtime because that certainly wouldn’t be adding value to your life or coincidently helpful in real terms in the workplace.

A beneficial way of adding value can be contributing to a positive, engaging and collaborative work culture, where all voices feel heard, and employees feel valued.

How can adding value help the success of an organisation?


Encouraging and contributing to a positive work culture not only demonstrates your commitment to your colleagues and company but can lead to real success for the organisation.

If colleagues feel valued and supported in the workplace it can help with the retention of staff, job satisfaction and improved productivity to name just a few of the real benefits.

Recognising that each individual has a pivotal role in shaping an organisation can help with both their mental and physical wellbeing, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

All manner of studies demonstrate how deliberately increasing wellbeing at work has a number of benefits including; cutting down on absenteeism and increasing staff retention, which can be costly in a company that doesn’t add value to its wellbeing strategy. Innovation can be another great sign of a positive work culture. If employees feel valued, it allows them the mental space to be creative and perhaps think of new solutions to tired practices.

Fostering a culture of adding value can lead to greater engagement, where employees feel listened to, and allowed to contribute and make decisions. This can only improve morale and reduce stress in teams making people want to contribute and add their own value where they can. In this way, workplace wellbeing becomes everyone’s responsibility and everyone can play an important role in the success of an organisation.


How can we begin to add value to our wellbeing strategy?


Promoting good mental health and creating an engaging, supportive safe environment can be incredibly beneficial.

Good wellbeing training providers can help you to start a conversation about topics that matter to you and your workforce. Perhaps you are working in a volatile environment as first responders, perhaps many of your team are nearing retirement or perhaps life’s challenges are beginning to impact your team. Whatever your particular situation, beginning with a conversation about how to improve is an excellent starting point.

Open communication is a great way to start encouraging positivity in the workplace. Encourage feedback at all levels, be mindful to recognise achievements, life events and celebrate with colleagues when something goes well. Allow people to feel that they have a voice and that their contribution matters. By beginning with a conversation, great things can be achieved.

That’s why at huunuu our first workshop was called big conversations, because we understand that’s where adding value begins. We now deliver wellbeing training in a variety of subjects depending on each organisation’s needs.

It’s not rocket science, the power of a heartfelt conversation is liberating, allowing an organisation and the people within it to really thrive and add value.

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