Legs up the wall and workplace wellbeing

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When someone asks you how you look after your own wellbeing, what do you think of? For me, the phrase ‘legs up the wall’ did not come to mind but it certainly did for my colleagues!

Legs up the wall refers to a restorative yoga pose where you relax all parts of your body while keeping your legs up against the wall and stay there for 15 minutes. (Or whatever time is comfortable).

Now for anyone thinking, this isn’t for me or how does this help with workplace wellbeing? This most definitely is for you. It requires minimal effort and has profound effects on the body and mind. Big statement up front it reduces stress!

It calms the nervous system, helping you to regulate, amongst other things, your heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. Essentially it controls your body’s ability to relax during times of rest.

Improves digestion. Did you know there is huge link between gut health and mental health? A topic for another day but keeping your gut healthy is crucial to mental wellbeing.

‘Stomach distress can be both the cause and product of stress’ so, on the most basic level, good digestion is very important to stress reduction.’

Read more at Harvard

Improves circulation: this is only ever positive. Improved blood flow means more energy and oxygen to the brain, helping performance.

‘If you are looking for ways to increase your productivity, you may want to check and improve the quality of your blood circulation’
Katerina Weissova, MD Monthly

For workplace wellbeing, sometimes the simplest suggestions can have a great impact. And one that reduces stress, aids relaxation and rest (when it’s needed) and improves productivity is a great suggestion.

Without acknowledging how we help ourselves, or without discussion and understanding of others’ ideas, we limit ourselves. I for one never considered this idea before but will now be adding ‘legs up the wall’ to my own wellbeing routine.

huunuu’s experiential training methodology taps into this ideology of discussion and knowledge sharing and helps prepare individuals to deal with everyday life within their careers, personal development, and overall wellbeing. Resulting in resilience and better engaged teams.

For more information on how to correctly achieve the legs up the wall pose here is a helpful link from Healthline


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