Transferable skills from a huunuu wellbeing session

Transferable wellbeing training skills huunuu

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Our huunuu sessions and training usually address a certain wellbeing theme, whether that’s how to have a conversation, finding time to talk, thinking about your legacy, how to balance your wellbeing or thinking about your retirement.

But there are also slightly more subtle skills that are acquired during a session with us that are transferable to situations both in the workplace and at home. These skills are just as impactful and have a real tangible benefit to the participant’s overall wellbeing.

What are some of the transferable skills that can be applied?

Time management

By taking the time to stop, pause and reflect it can encourage and enable participants to understand the importance of taking a moment to consider any given situation before charging in. Considering what is important and prioritising actions can lead to people setting goals, thinking about how precious their time is and being more productive as a result.

Active Listening

One of our work mat sessions is called ‘time to talk’ where we help participants understand that there are two important parts to a conversation, talking…and listening. But with each of our sessions, we encourage and demonstrate active listening, which allows everyone to consider others and consider different ideas to those others may hold. This is such an important transferable skill to take into the workplace and home as it supports good communication and helps to encourage teamwork and support.


Today’s world is fast paced and many of us are suffering from burnout. You may like to delve deeper into this subject, and you can:

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Learning to cope with challenges and life’s difficult moments can build resilience. By understanding what others are going through can help to build the resilience of a team, where each member feels supported and better placed to handle situations. This can also support the ability to change with demands, be more flexible and encourage creativity and problem solving.

Emotional strength

By understanding the emotions that arise during a wellbeing session can help to support emotional intelligence and empathy. Hearing the experiences of others and thinking of your own life can help employees to feel empathy and develop understanding and compassion for others. The benefits are impactful; better teamwork, less conflicts and politics and an understanding of how to cope should the situations arise. The ability to remain calm and pause before taking a course of action and emotional resilience can help with confidence and the ability to forge partnerships and collaborate.


Learning how to tackle important subjects and the emotional impact these have can help people to better cope with demanding situations and environments. By supporting better management of stressful times can help people to focus and consider what is important. This focus can be very beneficial in the workplace allowing the job to get done when in a busy or demanding phase.

Work/Life balance

This is such a big topic, we have a whole blog dedicated to it, which you might like to read here:

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By establishing healthy habits and setting boundaries we can achieve a better work/life balance. Self-care and wellbeing can promote a healthier team dynamic leading to increased retention, less burnout, and a positive workplace culture.


By asking yourself what is important, and what must I do to achieve x,y and z? Can all support goal setting, both at work and at home. By having a clear goal, you can begin to think about what you must do to achieve it. This can be towards positive change or a specific workplace challenge.

It goes without saying that all the huunuu wellbeing sessions also foster good and improved communication skills, which are vital in the workplace and can help promote good relationships in all areas of a person’s life.

If you would like to find out more about our approach and why we feel transferable skills are so important to any business then please email us at: [email protected] or follow us on LinkedIn for more information and workplace top tips.

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