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Become a Vendor

If you are looking at www.huunuu.com and want to broaden your market and be part of revolutionising the way we think about death and live our lives, then contact us on: vendor@huunuu.com and we will get straight back to you, wherever you are in the world!

Becoming a vendor is really easy.
There are four simple steps:
1. Contact us and tell us a little bit about what you do and the type of business you are and we’ll get straight back to you and let you know where you fit in.

2. There is no charge for listing your first 2 products, this also includes the services you supply. Any further product listings or promotions will need to be paid for. Your products should be supported by up to 2 pictures and once you’ve agreed to our T&C’s in an email, our team will get you uploaded onto the website.

3. Once we’ve uploaded your products we will send you the listings to check and make sure you’re happy.

4. We’ll stay in contact with you, share information on how your are products are doing, such as; how many times they are added to someone’s plan, lead numbers to your website and times shared on social media.

If you are Vendor and would like to give us some feedback or suggestions then we would love to hear and learn from you, so please write to: vendor@huunuu.com
Or Post to our registered address (everyone loves letters!): huunuu limited, Lancaster House, Yarmouth Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0HF