Reach Nuu Levels with huunuu
Reach Nuu Levels with huunuu

The funeral industry is worth an estimated £1 billion in the UK and the traditional, religious ceremonies are making way for something much more unique. But how can people make these decisions and discover what's really out there?

Technology is advancing at an unimaginable pace - social media has opened up a wonderful world of sharing and accessibility. At huunuu we’re embracing this change and fast becoming the main distribution channel for vendors.


It’s time to change the funeral industry and we need your help to do it. huunuu exists as a distribution channel to vendors and a platform for customers to be able to access products from all over the world.

We want to know what your business objectives are this year, so we can help you achieve them.
From customer growth to maximising your brand reach. huunuu offers a personalised experience to help you grow, inspire, connect and learn.

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We’ve created a suite of infographics to help boost you toward a better 2018, packed with helpful tips and facts.

We bring the tech and the communication expertise so you can focus on delivering fantastic products and services!

2018 Objectives


We know every business is unique so share yours with our vendor team who are on hand to help. Whatever your business objective are, we can help you achieve them. Contact:

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