Touchstones - a moveable cremation sculpture by Casting Ashes®
Adding cremation ash to sculpture is a discreet alternative to an urn and a beautiful way to honour someone's essence and celebrate their enduring presence in our lives. Touchstones are all the more special because they are tactile and can be held in your hand - a perfect way to keep loved ones close. Just like pebbles pummelled and worn by the storms and tides, each touchstone is both rough and smooth, just like life. We use a different pigment for each pebble to achieve these soothing neutrals. The inspiration for touchstones was a request by someone recently bereaved who wanted something tangible to sit with and hold. Living in Cornwall, family walks on the beach were a regular part of life and this moveable sculpture was desired to reflect transition and our elemental connection to the landscape bringing some of the beauty and calm to be found there into the living space. Moreover, in our cement mix, we use Cornish granite dust mined from a local quarry so you will literally be getting a little piece of Cornwall! As the cast is being poured ashes are sprinkled into the mould so they become fully incorporated into the solid piece. This is how cremation sculpture differs from a conventional hollow urn designed to store the entire volume of ashes. It means you can make other choices alongside to bury or scatter the ashes, but keeping back a small amount for a keepsake. The Touchstones collection includes three touchstones and a base plate plus candle, slate decoration and mark of authenticity seal. Baseplate and seal do not contain ashes. Dimensions of base plate approx 35 x 15 x 1.5 cm