Angel Wing Cremation Sculpture by Casting Ashes®
Adding cremation ash to sculpture is a beautiful way to honour someone's essence and celebrate their enduring presence in our lives, and nothing brings greater comfort than the presence of an angel. Our original design by sculptor Noel Brennan will certainly add a touch of grace to your living space, whether you choose to place it indoors or outdoors. The design is the same on both sides so you can face it in either direction or indeed commission a pair for a symmetrical arrangement. Cremation sculpture is a discreet alternative to an urn. To the angel wing mould, we will add a small amount of the cremation ash you provide us with. In our cement mix, we use Cornish granite dust mined from a local quarry so you will literally have a little piece of Cornwall! As the cast is being poured ashes are sprinkled at intervals so they become fully incorporated into the solid piece, indicating our elemental connection to the earth. This is how cremation sculpture differs from a conventional hollow urn that is designed to store the entire volume of ashes. It means you can make other choices alongside to bury or scatter the ashes, yet keeping back a small amount for a beautiful keepsake. Since the angel wing is made from durable concrete it can be placed outside where it will weather change appearance with exposure to the elements. You may alternatively choose to place it indoors on a small table or fireplace as pictured. Dimensions approx 65 x 11 x 11cm