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Talking about planning for death and our end of lives can be difficult.
huunuu helps you to have the big conversations.

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Why huunuu? 

Talking about planning for death and our end of lives can be an emotional and daunting process. huunuu helps you to have these crucial conversations and ensure your friends and family know your wishes.

We've created huunuu to give you choice, inspiration and a free and easy to use communication and planning tool.

We’re all unique, we make choices throughout our lives that define us based on our actions and experiences. huunuu helps you to take the time to evaluate what’s most important to you, from bucket lists to birthday parties, care plans to funeral wishes, huunuu is flexible to suit everyone’s needs, because we believe that talking about death and end of life makes our lives better.

Cutting through the clutter and focusing on what matters, because leaving the difficult decisions to your loved ones can cause them undue stress and pressure at a time of grief.

how to huunuu

To start creating your plans sign up to huunuu for free

Get to grips with huunuu by creating one or more draft plans and when you’re happy make one of them your Master Plan!

Explore our visual library for ideas and inspiration or use our add your own idea feature to truly personalise your plans!

Add at least one genie to your Master Plan, these are the people who will carry out your wishes for you. You can also share any of your plans with other huunuuer’s via email, so that they can privately comment and contribute to your plans.

To help you get your affairs in order visit our huunuu legal section, to create your will and LPA’s, store your digital assets or access our executor toolkit.

For a full step by step guide on creating an account and making your plans:

Download our how to plan guide!

huunuu legal

Our online legal portal, enables you to create essential documents, such as a will and LPA’s or manage your digital accounts. There is also an executor toolkit to help you navigate your responsibilities if you’re accountable for processing someone else’s estate.

huunuu legal has been created by solicitors with years of experience, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Even better, you’ll be covered in the time it takes to do an online shop!