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huunuu’s crucial conversations game!

The aim of the game

The aim of the game is simple; it’s about stimulating great and important conversations. 

Learn something new about the people around you. Be curious! Talking about death can be some of the most difficult but important conversations we have. Awkward. Tricky. Yet cathartic, heart-warming and surprisingly life affirming once you begin! 

Our conversation cards will help you connect with others and start meaningful conversations. 



If you’d like to get your hands on a pack of the cards drop us an email via; with your name, address and the amount of packs you’d like and we’ll get them sent over to you! Each pack is £10 +p&p
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Our cards can be used in any setting, from a sit down game to a chat over a round of drinks, they even work as an exhibition tool!

One great way to use the cards is in a workshop or presentation setting to engage your audience. Simply hand the cards out amongst your participants and get them to answer and talk about their cards.

You can hand out as many or few cards as you’d like. Each card should provide 2-5 minutes of conversation, so base the amount around your timings.

Our crucial conversation cards are a game and a communication tool in one, use them to suit you!

If you’d like to base a workshop around the cards or you’re interested in us coming to deliver a workshop or event for you contact us via: