Why it's still important to have a crucial conversation about organ donation

March 20, 2018, 9:50 a.m.

Here at huunuu we think it’s so important that we all have those sometimes awkward conversations about what we want to happen to us when we die. Organ donation is one of those conversations.

Helping someone that needs a transplant after our death is undoubtedly an incredible final act which can enhance and even save the lives of people with certain chronic conditions. However, it’s important that we all understand that this doesn’t just happen.

Currently in the UK we have to opt in and the service relies on us and our families agreeing on the decision, except in Wales where people have to actively opt-out of organ donation.

The statistics are shocking - three people die every day who could have been given a chance by receiving an organ donation. But only 1 in 100 of us in the UK die in the right sort of circumstances that allows our organs to be considered. With stats like that, the more people that sign up, the more chance that you or I could be that one person.

So where do our families come in? Do we need their support, do we need to tell them?

In short...yes.

With the best of intentions many of us, will put our wishes in our will, but by the time this is read, organ donation is unlikely to be plausible. Legally, organ donation is currently your choice and yours alone, but in practice the wishes of often distraught families are sought, which is why it is so important to:

  • Have the crucial conversation with your family about your organ donation decision?
  • Join the NHS Organ Donor Register

Add to your plan

We fully support Organ Donation at huunuu, which is why we’ve added it as an item to add to your plan. 

Add organ donation to your plan.

Read more on the NHS Organ Donation website and register to donate today.

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