Knowledge is power: Talking about death

Sept. 19, 2018, 3:31 p.m.

We all know that there is a stigma around talking about death. It’s almost as if we believe by facing up to the fact, we may jinx ourselves and death may come earlier. In all honesty, it is a difficult reality to face up to but let’s face it, it’s going to happen to us all one day so why not prepare?

Co-op and Sunlife have recently completed surveys which have some eye opening statistics;

‘Four million Brits suffered financial hardship after a bereavement’ - Co-op

‘Two in five people don’t make any financial provisions for their funeral’ - Sunlife

Let’s forget the price of funerals for just a moment and consider the possibility that a contributing factor to the financial problems after a bereavement are due to lack of planning (by the deceased) and lack of knowledge of how their funeral should be. It’s a case of asking the question ‘What do they want?’

That could all significantly change if we took the time to communicate with our loved ones! Burial or cremation, roses or sunflowers, fireworks or get my gist: share your choices.

Not only does this remove the burden of decision making at a difficult time but it could prevent unnecessary spending on aspects of a funeral that you wouldn't even want for yourself.

How does this tie into people not making financial provisions for their funeral? Well you may, whilst planning, realise how much that funeral might cost and realise that someone will have to pay for it one day. So you’ll have start to make provisions.

If you’re not a planner, that's cool, but you may be a talker, creative thinker, or even someone who cares about money. All of you can communicate your ideas to make your loved ones life just a little easier.

What is that saying again? Knowledge is power!

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